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     Rialto ϳԹ District provides FREE in-person tutoring at nine identified hub schools in the North, Central, and South regions of Rialto. Our new "Satellite Elementary Tutoring Centers" provide a variety of tutoring programs. Additionally, in collaboration with Varsity Tutors, online tutors will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    **All Hubs and Centers will close on Friday, May 17, 2024 for the 2023/24 school year**


    Academic Support icon Academic support in Math, English, Science, Social Studies and other subjects

    Tutoring in Multiple Languages icon Tutoring in multiple languages

    Special Education Support Icon Special Education Support

    English Learner Support icon English Learner Support

    24 Hour Access icon 24/7 access to over 200 academic subjects (online)

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  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does a student have to be enrolled in Rialto USD to use the tutoring services?

  • Do ϳԹ have to attend a hub in order to access the online tutoring service?

  • Can ϳԹ access the online tutoring service from home?

  • Do parents need to register their student before the student attends a hub?

  • Do ϳԹ need to remain in a hub until it closes?

  • Can a student in Middle ϳԹ attend a High ϳԹ or Elementary hub?

  • If a student has special needs or is an English learner, will there be support?

  • If a student attends a school that is identified as a hub, can the student participate in Think Together & the Tutoring Hub Program?

  • If a student attends a school NOT identified as a hub school, are they able to attend the Think Together and Tutoring Hub Program?

  • If I have children in high school and middle school, can they both attend the same hub?

  • Are hubs open during holidays, school breaks or Summer?

  • Are there any days the hubs are closed during the regular school instruction calendar?

  • Will transportation be provided to hub locations?

  • Do parents need to walk into a hub with their student ?

  • Are ϳԹ able to make an appointment with a hub tutor?



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